• Lukáš Piala & Second Band (SK)

    Grunting Pigs (HU)

    ZVA 12-28 Band (SK)

    Juwana Jenkins (USA)

Grunting Pigs (HU)


    Grunting Pigs is a blues acoustic duo. This is a project of a many times award-winning virtuoso harmonica music player, singer, songwriter and showman Mátyás Pribojszki (Jumping Matt) and his long-time friend and famous guitar player Ferenc Szasz. The basic direction of the band´s creative work is a tribute to the blues genre. Their shows are associated with perfect technical presentation, excellent sound, very lively stage performances and lots of fun. The last released album of the duo of 2016 is called "Grunt away". Grunting Pigs has participated in many major festivals all over Europe, as well as clubs and private parties. Mátyás Pribojszki performed at festival Blues Moods in 2014 as Mátyás Pribojszki Trio.

    Mátyás Pribojszki – harmonicas, vocal
    Ferenc Szasz – guitar, vocal

Juwana Jenkins (USA)


    The Philadelphia native studied journalism in Pennsylvania. Since 1998 she has been living in the Czech Republic, where she currently works as a professor at the University of New York in Prague. Juwana Jenkins has worked during her music career together with a diverse array of artists on projects such as Tonny's Blues Band, Murphy Band, Tina Turner Tribute, as well as on her own project - All Star Mojo Band. One of the extraordinary joins was the cooperation with the excellent harmonica musician - Charlie Slavík, with whom she recorded the album "The Blues Keep You Alive" in 2012. On basis of this album, the music critics titled Juwana Jenkins "Blues Queen". Since 2013, she is the representative of the Czech Republic in the European Blues Union.

    Juwana Jenkins – vocal
    Charlie Slavík – harmonicas, vocal
    Jiří Maršíček – guitar
    Adam Nohavica – bass guitar
    Jakub Nývlt – drums

Lukáš Piala (SK) & Second Band (SK)


    Lukáš Piala, a native of Žilina, has been playing guitar since he was eleven. He studied at the conservatory in Žilina, Prague and London. The Slovak audience has become aware of Lukáš Piala through the competition SuperStar Search Slovakia in 2007. As a guitarist, he played in Tomáš Bezdeda band and on transatlantic cruise ships. He currently teaches guitar playing at the primary art school and he is also the author of video lessons on guitar playing. In addition to solo projects, he currently plays in the band Ja ty a Rolo. At the festival he will perform with accompanying blues band Second Band from Trnava and with a guest - Peter Vanouček.

    Lukáš Piala – guitar, vocal
    Peter Vanouček – keyboards, ag
    Juraj Parízek – guitar
    Denis Čapkovič – drums
    Marek Polonec – bass guitar
    Peter Stojka – harmonicas

ZVA 12-28 Band

  • ZVA 12-28 BAND (SK)

    The band ZVA 12-28 BAND was founded in 1990. Even after many years, the band has been playing fresh, original and author blues. Despite the fact that music is based on the original blues tradition, the music language of the band is significantly out of the typical blues-rock cliché and its unmistakable musical face is built on the original production. Between years 2005 and 2015, the band released four author albums, in which the blues modality blends with a modality typical for Slovak folklore. The band is popular not only in Slovakia but also in the neighboring Czech Republic, where it has many festival and club concerts. During its existence, the band has won many awards. At the Blues Moods festival the band performed in 2012.

    Norbert Červenák – vocal, guitar
    Stanislav Fakan – violin, percussions
    Ladislav Červenák – double bass
    Peter Krško – drums