• 14.11.2019 (Thursday) - Vodáreň Craft Bistro

    20.00 – 100° PaRa 
    15.11.2019 (Friday) - KC Malý Berlín
    20.00 – The Youniverse (SK)
    16.11.2019 (Saturday) - KC Malý Berlín

    19.00 – Tony Bigmouth Pearson (SK)

    20.00 – Silvia Josifoska & Sitra Achra (SK)

    21.00 – Riccardo Grosso Blues Band (I)

    22.00 – Two Timer (PL)

Two Timer (PL)


    The band was established in 2008 in Poznan, Poland. Its members have been inspired by legends of the blues genre and they have described their music as “grunge blues on steroids”. Despite this self-characterization, the band´s predominant expression is dominated by the traditional voices of the 60's and 70's. They debuted in 2014. Since then the band has performed in numerous clubs in Poland and Germany. In 2015 they took part in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. In addition, the band visited numerous festivals all over Europe. The band has released four albums and their participation at the Blues Moods festival will be their first Slovak performance.    

    The members:
    Piotr Gorzkowski – vocals
    Wojtek Rudziński – harmonicas
    Ernest Kałaczyński – guitar
    Łukasz Rudnicki – bass guitar
    Szymon Baranowski – drums

Riccardo Grosso Blues Band (I)


    A brilliant harmonica player, singer and bandleader, Riccardo Grosso, learned to play the instrument after being inspired by The Blues Brothers film. Twenty years later, as a special guest, he was awarded the honor to play with the original band at their New Year´s concert in the USA. Riccardo has stood on the stages of the cradle of the blues – New Orleans – in the company of Johny Sansone and Dr. John. During his stay in the USA, he was lectured by none other than the master of harmonica Charlie Musselwhite. Riccardo Grosso Band treks through Europe with always the same exuberance in the style of “Urban Blues”. The band has released two CDs: “Live at Teatro Del Pane” and “Right Now”. The Trnava performance is going to be their Slovak premiere.   

    The members:
    Riccardo Grosso – harmonicas, vocals
    Flavio Paludetti – guitar
    Alessandro "Cocco" Marinoni – bass guitar
    Federico Patarnello – drums

Silvia Josifoska & Sitra Achra (SK)


    Silvia Josifoska is one of the most prominent and original faces of Slovak blues and jazz scenes. This versatile singer, however, is well versed in other genres like soul, funk, jazz or rock, as well. Her carreer began in the folk-rock band Sanyland; later she sang with Mr. Band. She has collaborated with great Slovak musicians as well as legends like Stan the Man (UK), Peter Rowan (USA) and King George (USA). Her inimitable voice and style have yielded her an invitation to record with local greats like Jaro Filip, Richard Müller, Jaromír Nohavica or Janko Ledecký. At the moment, Silvia is involved in her three musical projects, the Blues Moods festival and she will travel to Trnava with her escort band Sitra Archa.

    The members:
    Silvia Josifoska – vocals
    Pišta Lengyel – guitar
    Erich "Boboš" Procházka – harmonicas
    Igor "Ajdži" Sabo – drums

Tony Bigmouth Pearson (SK)


    This is a solo project of the singer and guitarist Štefan Uhriňák from Košice. As a teenager he spent some time with relatives, living in the USA. The surname Pearson (adapted from them) pays tribute to this period of his life. He writes his songs, derived from blues and jazz, in English. He has been performing in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. He received the SOZA award for the best original song in the New Faces of Slovak Jazz 2017 competition. In 2018, he was the winner of the blues bands and soloists´ competition The Slovakian Blues Challenge and he successfully represented Slovakia in the international competition The European Blues Challenge 2019 in the Portuguese Azores Islands. The Trnava audience had the opportunity to see him and his project Duška at the festival Trnavský Jazzyk in the summer of this year.      

    The members:
    Tony Bigmouth Pearson – guitar, vocals

The Youniverse (SK)

  • The Youniverse (SK)

    The joint project of Tammy Nižňanská and Jerguš Oravec was initiated in 2015. The overall impression of the band seems to have nothing to do with traditional blues form, however, their voice does derive from classic styles. In 2016, they released their debut EP Raise Hell, Kid. A year later they achieved considerable success in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition when they finished in the world semifinal. The following year, the band released their debut album CMYK. The year 2019 has been the most successful so far with regular concerts in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Austria as well as the biggest Slovak festivals. And, of course, it won´t be any different at the Blues Moods festival in Trnava.  

    The members:
    Tammy Nižňanská – vocals
    Jerguš Oravec – guitar
    Šimon Vladár – bass guitar
    Adam Olexík – drums

100° PaRa (SK)

  • 100° PARA (SK)

    A musical project of three musicians who have been an integral part of Trnava´s blues scene for a long time. Following the break-up of Second Band, its three former members have (following the "law of energy conservation") revived the acoustic-electrical project "The One Hundred Degrees Steam". The name (100° PaRa – para means steam in Slovak) represents an acronym formed by the first letters of the band members´ surnames. The project tries to pay tribute to the giants of the blues genre as well as to the eternal inspiration stemming from it. 

    The members:
    Peter Stojka - harmonicas
    Juraj Parizek - guitar
    Jaroslav Rakay – bass


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